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There are plenty of puzzle games on play store and it’s not like a few hundred’s or more than that but there are lots of them and Empire and Puzzle Hack are one of them. But what makes it different is its unique gameplay where you attack your enemies through puzzles.

Puzzle Quest brought a new subgenre of puzzle games into existence with RPG elements. Here shields have replaced the gems and candy where you have to match the same kind of shields to kill your enemy. The game also boasts a base-building system similar to the likes of Game of War, as well as various modes you’d expect from a strategy game, such as alliances, PvP.

Talking about plot its a game with a medieval setting, where players initially face off against a powerful overlord and his minions. The storyline quickly goes by the wayside in favor of the combat.

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Gameplay is also quite known where you connect three (or more) identical icons, which are then used to attack enemies at the top of the screen. Depending on the enemy, certain icons are more powerful than others. PvP combat is also in a match three style combat with enemy troops automatically fighting back against your heroes and if all your heroes are killed by enemies you lose the game.

It’s not, though. Empires and Puzzles: RPG Quest also has a base building and resource gathering game mode that feel quite fun.

Its a quite fun game with some nice graphics and one of the best game mechanics and which turns the boring puzzle game into an interesting one.

But this is not that good and everything doesn’t seem essential to the game and sometimes resource collection feels out of place and clunky.

But the main problem of this game is that every round cost action points and you only have so many (which recharge over time). So you’re forced to play in short bursts or lay out cash. Plus, there’s no single-price option to do away with that. These issues make the game from great to good. But if you’re willing to put up with time gates that aggressively push you to pay to play Empires and Puzzles: RPG Quest will keep your attention for a while.

The game also comes up with in-app purchases that says that it’s a freemium game but the question is whether these purchases make any sense or not and according to us it doesn’t make any sense to shell out money from your pocket because if you can wait then you can get some resources even for free.

So, overall it’s a new edition to old school puzzle games which is worth a try instead of some gimmicks and costly in-app purchases as it tries to bend the rules for puzzle games by introducing role play segment to it and giving puzzle games a new chance to revive in the market.

Empires and Puzzle are available on Play Store and App Store for free and is rated at 4.7 stars installed by over 20 million users collectively.

Empires and Puzzle Hack

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